Talismancer's home on the web

I'm Ric. I live in Portslade in a flat with my husband, and dream of better days that will never come. If you don't know where Portslade is, it's a small town that's verging on a suburb of Hove (Adjoining Brighton if you don't know where Hove is. If you don't know where Brighton is, I suggest Google, as Brighton and Hove together do make up a British city)

I really shouldn't be proud of being a geek, but I am, and there is nothing you can or will want to do about it. My shelves and cupboards are full of books, board games, computer games, hobbies and escapism material. I "paint" (and will get that gallery back online some day) with wax onto photo paper. I wish I did it more, but only get the chance every few years. I used to paint miniatures, mainly by Games Workshop, but have stopped. They still occasionally come out the cupboard.

For more active hobbies, I am an active board games player and Magic: the Gathering player. Ask me to chat about either topic and I can go on for hours. I'm an inactive LARPer (Live Action RPGs), getting to events when I can, but that's not been recently. Ah, the wonders of having to type about something that changes with time.